Son Xoriguer

Son Xoriguer

Son XoriguerThe resort town of Son Xoriguer is located in the southwest of Menorca. The city has grown together with the neighboring city of Cala’n Bosch, and both cities are often collectively referred to as Cala’n Bosch. It is 30 miles from Menorca International Airport, while Ciutadella is 10 km to the north.

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The beach in general
Son Xoriguer is also the name of the beautiful beach, located on the outskirts of the city. On both sides of the beach there are rocks and trees, and if it wasn’t for the buildings in the background, then the beach resembles a raw natural beach.

Son Xoriguer beach

The beach is 110 meters long and 40 meters wide. The sand is bright and fine, but in some places, there are visible rocks. In the water there are also areas with rocks and stones, but most go into the water where the ground is sandy. The water is incredibly clear, and the calm waters of the bay invite you for a swim.

Sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented out on the beach, and facilities also include showers and toilets. During the high season, the beach is supervised by a lifeguard.

Child friendliness
The eastern part of Son Xoriguer is largely free of rocks in the water, and here the beach is absolutely child friendly. The water only slowly gets deep, and there are rarely waves.

Water sports activities
Various water sports are being offered, including kayaking, paddle surf and windsurfing. The cliffs on both sides of the beach provide really good conditions for snorkeling.

Son Xoriguer Menorca

Restaurants by the beach
A little behind the beach there is a small center with a few shops and a good selection of restaurants. Several of the restaurants overlook the beach.

The resort town of Son Xoriguer
Son Xoriguer and Cala’n Bosch were both founded in the 1980s, and they are among the very few cities on Menorca founded for tourism. Later on, the towns grew together, and their common focal point is the very charming marina. The port is located in the middle of the city, from where a 200-meter-long canal connects it with the Mediterranean Sea.

Son Xoriguer shoppingcenter

Around the marina there are many cozy cafés and restaurants, and especially in the evening there is a wonderful atmosphere for couples and families. The harbour is also home to the city’s largest shopping center. Here there are many clothing stores, tourist shops, car rentals and supermarkets.

Son Xoriguer and Cala’n Bosch have more activities than other resorts in Menorca. Not far from the center is Menorca’s largest water park, Aquarock, and next door there is a large go-kart track. Right in the center is the playground Goody Goody park with a bouncy castle, game rooms and a large playground.

Map of Son Xoriguer
On the map Son Xoriguer is on the right, and the beach is located in the southeast corner of the city. On the left of the map is Cala’n Bosch with its beautiful harbour in the middle of the city.