• Playa de Cavalleria

  • Playa de Cavalleria

  • Playa de Cavalleria

  • Playa de Cavalleria

Playa de Cavalleria

Playa de Cavalleria map

The beach Playa de Cavalleria is located on the central north coast of Menorca. There are only a few kilometres to the northernmost point of the island, the lighthouse Cap de Cavalleria.

The beach in general
With its unique location, the natural beach Playa de Cavalleria is one of the most beautiful and best known beaches on the north coast.

The beach is 500 m long and covered with golden sand, which has its dark shade from the red rocks surrounding the beach. In the north-western corner of the beach, the sand is almost completely red and many visitors rub their skin with the sand as it is said to be good for the skin.

The water is relatively shallow and the bay is partially protecting the beach against waves. The water has a sand bottom, but there are some areas with large stones and rocks.

There are no facilities at Playa de Cavalleria, so it is important to bring plenty to drink and maybe also a beach parasol. You can park your car in the large free parking space, approx. 10-15 minutes on foot from the beach.

Visitors who wish to enhance their experience can follow the trail ‘Cami de Cavalls’ to the east, where they will meet another nice beach, Cala Pregonda. The hike is about 5 km long and passes through the most beautiful natural surroundings.

Once the children have managed the 10-15 minutes’ walk from the parking space and getting down the stairs, Playa de Cavalleria is a very child-friendly beach.┬áThere is plenty of room to play and the water is relatively shallow.

Water sports activities
There are no water sports facilities at the beach. The snorkelling conditions are usually good, particularly near the small rock in front of the beach.

Beach restaurants
Playa de Cavalleria is located in an area subject to nature conservation restrictions. Therefore, there are no restaurants or beach bars by the beach.

Nearby holiday resorts
Playa de Cavalleria is a genuine natural beach far away from shops and large hotels. The nearest holiday resort is the small and relatively new resort Playas de Fornells, which is located a few kilometres to the south-east.

However, people come to visit Playa de Cavalleria from all over the island. So the beach is very popular despite its remote location.

Playa de Cavalleria map